Dhruva 19 Days Collections

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Fighting against all odds in the form of demonetization and negativity spread in media and common audience against Mega Power Star Ramcharan, the Box Office performance of ‘Dhruva’ can be called outstanding. Till 18 days, the action thriller raked Rs. 54 Crores share world wide.

What’s more surprising is, ‘Dhruva’ is moving steadily in all the centers of AP and TS despite many new movies have hit the screens in last two to three weeks. After first week, many thought that ‘Dhruva’ would end its complete run in less than 50 Crores. But, Charan struck well in metros, A centres and Overseas market with weekends recording housefulls in some areas.

‘Dhruva’ still hasn’t lost the steam. If December 30th new releases continue to fumble, there will be no stopping for Charan till Sankranti competition. If such is the case, 60 Crores can be a cakewalk. What matters is, Charan and entire team has put off the promotions while mouth talk continues to do wonders.

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