Khaidi No. 150 pre-release business of Rs 100 Cr

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The regular shoot of Megastar Chiraneevi’s comeback movie “Khaidi No 150” is progressing at brisk pace. Since Megastar is returning to movie world as lead hero after gap of nearly 9 years, there is huge buzz on the movie.

His legions of fans as well as general audiences are eagerly waiting for its release. The film is expected to come to the screens during Sankranthi 2017 festival.

Meanwhile, Ram Charan the movie’s producer is planning to sell off the movie to various distributors for record price. He has fixed a target: to do a pre-release business of Rs 100 Cr.

Before Chiranjeevi stepped into politics in 2008, he was enjoying the position of numuro uno star in Tollywood and his films used to do highest business among all the heroes.

Today Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu’s movies do highest business among Tollywood heroes. But Charan wants his father’s movie to do higher pre-release business than Pawan and Mahesh’s movies. Hence he is not slashing prices for any territory.

But the distributors are vary about the price Charan is quoting. They agree that the movie carries good buzz and it will be most-awaited movie but they raise doubts about Chiru’s pulling power now.

They point out that megastar doesn’t have same box-office power he used to have a decade ago. Majority of new generation of audiences who are born around 1998 or early 2000’s (the teenagers) don’t know about Chiru and his magnetic power. They are more relating to today’s superstars.

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