Nagabharanam Review

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Starring : Vishnuvardhan, Ramya
Rating : 2.25/5
Director : Kodi Ramakrishna


The film starts off by revealing that on a solar eclipse day, the entire powers of God do not work. A Sakti Kavacham is the only power that saves the world on that day.

Sivayya (Sai Kumar)’s family takes care of this Sakti Kavacham from many decades but his daughter Nagamma(Ramya) loses it in a fight with some evil powers.

Nagamma takes rebirth as Manasa(Ramya) and tries to get back the Sakti Kavacham in its place. Will she be able to do it successfully ? and What problems does she faces forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points:-

Ramya does a decent job in her central character. It is good to see her on screen after a long gap. She was especially good in the second half where she has a serious role.

One fight featuring Sai Kumar has been showcased pretty well. The special effects used in this scene is top notch. Sai Kumar impresses in a cameo. Also, credit should go to the visual effects team Makuta for bringing back Kannada superstar Vishnu Vardhan through graphics which are decent in most places.

The visual effects are only the saving grace of the film and have been used nicely during the climax. One can say that the makers did not understand how to use the effective graphics in the narrative. Music is below average and the background score is way too loud. Production values are pretty good as a good amount of money has been spent on the film.

Coming to the director Kodi Rama Krishna, he has done an average job with the film. He has only kept graphics on the forefront and left back the storyline and narration. Other than his interesting way of bringing the superstar to life, rest of his attempt is pretty boring.


Nagabharanam is an outdated and loud graphical extravaganza which banks heavily on VFX work. Having said that, the film might appeal to the Kannada audience as their late superstar Vishnu Vardhan is brought back to life in a very interesting way. Apart from that factor, this film has nothing much to impress the Telugu audience and can be watched only for the graphics.

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