Pelli Choopulu 25 Days Collections

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Small wonder Pelli Choopulu has joined the club of Million Dollar Movies in USA. This is a great achievement for a small film as only twenty films have made it to the club before it.

Pelli Choopulu is the biggest blockbuster in US in terms of return on investment basis. Overseas buyer has bought the film for mere 12 lakh rupees and it has grossed more than 5.5 crore till now.

Pelli Choopulu has entered the million dollar club in its fourth weekend. It has been aided a bit by the recent releases that failed to strike a chord with the overseas audience.

Pelli Choopulu has proved that a small film can do wonders at the box office if it has great content and entertainment.

Pelli Choopulu 25 Days Collections : 15 cr

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