Right Right Movie Review

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Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Prabhakar, Pooja Zaveri, Nasser and Others
Directed by: Manu
Produced by: J. Vamsi Krishna
Banner: Sri Satya Entertainments
Music by: JB
Release Date: 2016-06-11

Right Right Movie rating – 2.5/5

Story :

Ravi (Sumanth Ashwin) a newly appointed conductor in APSRTC meets Seshu (Prabhakar) a driver who is a drunkard, but good at heart. They both stay in staff quarters in Gaviti where there is an elderly and respected person Viswanadham (Nasser). Ravi falls in love with local girl Kalyani (Pooja) and she too reciprocates. While everything is going happily for them, Ravi accidentally hits a man with the bus. Ravi and Seshu asks a stranger to admit him to the hospital. Later they come to know that the man who met with the accident is Viswanadham’s son. They go to the hospital to see if he is alright, but couldn’t find him. After few days police comes and inform Viswanadham that his son was found dead in a valley. Ravi and Seshu have to find the mystery behind Viswanadham son’s death.


Sumanth Ashwin has an expressive face and can emote well. He is a fine actor but has his limitations. He doesn’t fit in every role and sadly the lead role he played in Right Right is one that he doesn’t fit into. He hardly looks like a conductor and looks totally out of place in action scenes. Prabhakar is a very ordinary actor who couldn’t emote at all. He is a bad choice for Seshu character. Pooja Zaveri is unfit to be a heroine. She neither has the looks nor the talent. Nasser is good. Raja Ravindra is his usual self. Tagubothu Ramesh is okay.


Manu’s direction is alright. He did well in maintaining the soul and feel of the story. But he should have taken care about the star cast. A better lead pair could have made this a watchable fare.

JB has talent and he has proved his mettle time and again. He has scored some mellifluous tunes for this film too. Editing is neat. Cinematography is an asset. Sekhar V Joseph’s experience has come in handy. Special effects are tacky. Production values are just about okay.

Thumbs Up:


Interval point

Thumbs Down:

Lead actors

Dated Feel



Right Right script is perfectly alright. It is a well told story despite the cliches and the been-there-seen-that feel to it. Both the male leads don’t fit into their respective roles, which has turned out to be the major problem for Right Right.

Also the second half of the film totally runs on a suspense factor that is obvious and very predictable. So there aren’t surprises in store towards the end. Even the climax wasn’t dealt properly as we can see everything beforehand.

On the positive side, beautiful locations and natural characters along with the cinematographer’s decent output works in favor of the film. Wafer thin story line, bad choice of actors and predictable plot makes it a tiresome watch. Right Right is not an entirely disappointing film but it has more wrongs that overshadow the right elements of it.

Verdict: Takes a Wrong Turn.

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